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Cannon Logistics: built on a solid foundation of customer relationships

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Cannon Logistics is a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company that operates throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We provide our General Road Freight, Refrigerated Transport, and Cold and Dry storage services to a wealth of clients involved in various industries. These include Retail Supermarkets, Produce Growers, Foodservice Distributors, and Large and Small Manufacturers.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in Specialised & Refrigerated Transport Warehousing, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a peerless and efficient service. At Cannon Logistics, we are always ‘creating efficient logistics solutions’.

Latest News

Air Vs Product Temperature in Refrigerated Transport: The Complete Guide

25th May 2021

Maintaining the correct temperature during transport and distribution is critical for ensuring products arrive in a quality condition. Frozen and fresh products need to be monitored on their long journey from farm to fork.  Recording changes or fluctuations in temperature during transit can help identify where any issues may occur along the cold chain. There […]

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How to Minimise Food Waste

14th May 2021

Food waste is an expensive issue for people in the food and hospitality industry. Food goes on a long journey before it gets to your plate, and food waste occurs at every stage.

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All About the FEFO Stock Rotation Rule

4th May 2021

According to the Australian Food Cold Chain Logistics Guidelines, the FEFO rule ensures that stock that has been stored for the longest time is used first. This stock rotation principle is used in many cold chains internationally to minimise wastage.

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Driving Tired? 7 Tips for Avoiding Driver Fatigue

22nd April 2021

Driver Fatigue is responsible for too many deaths on Australian roads. These tips are intended to help you avoid the dangers.

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How To Identify Spoiled Meat

12th April 2021

Spoiled meat is bad news. When handling, processing, storing or transporting meat, there is no shortage of opportunities for it to expire. Meat spoils when it has been left out of its required temperature range for too long and begins to grow bacteria, which can cause numerous illnesses should the meat be consumed. If you […]

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The Worst Intersections In Queensland

1st April 2021

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has collected the data and compiled a list of the worst intersections in Queensland.  It’s the title that no street wants to boast. Many of the issues experienced by these areas were a result of regular congestion and difficulties posed for drivers to navigate them. Claiming the unfortunate […]

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The ‘Never Warmer Than’ Rule – What It Actually Means For Refrigerated Transport

22nd March 2021

Due to the sensitive nature of the products transported by refrigerated trucks and trailers, there are certain rules that distributors should follow to ensure food safety…

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Refrigerated Transport Containers – Impacts on the Food Industry

15th March 2021

It may not be immediately obvious but the food industry relies heavily on refrigerated transport containers. In all stages of food production – growing, processing or selling – there is a need for refrigerated transportation. In order to maintain its quality, the vast majority of food needs to be kept in a certain environment.  From […]

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Refrigerated Transport – How to Stay Ahead of the Game in Brisbane

8th March 2021

If you are based in Brisbane, there is a plethora of refrigerated transport services available to deliver your temperature-sensitive goods.

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Refrigerated transport

The 3 Main Challenges to Transporting Refrigerated Goods

1st March 2021

Every industry has its challenges and refrigerated transport is no exception.

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What Our Customers Say

  • We have been working with Cannon Logistics for the past 2 years to service our branches throughout Central Queensland and Nth NSW. Cannon play an integral part in ensuring that our branches can operate effectively by providing an efficient, consistent and reliable service. We have found them to be a very suitable business to partner with, who are always willing to work with us to achieve the best outcome. I look forward to continuing this partnership well into the future’

    — Brad O’Shea (State Operations Manager) – PFD Foodservices
  • We utilised Cannon Logistics for the first time last December to assist us with getting through our busy Xmas period. They were very forthcoming and provided assistance with storage, transport and cross docking services. They bent over backwards for us over our busy period well above what was expected to make sure we had everything we needed, when we needed it. With their assistance we were able to ensure that our production schedules and service levels to our customers did not get impacted. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation as I am sure they will help others as much as they helped us.

    — Chris Sier – Logistics Operations Manager – Primo Moraitis Fresh
  • We have worked together with Cannon Logistics for the last 8 years. We needed a company who would be consistent with the delivery schedules for our kitchens and accommodation staff to function productively.

    — Adrian at Morris Corp
  • Our company has used Cannon Logistics to transport our food since July 2008. Because we have a Food Safe Program we need a quality minded operator. Cannon Logistics have provided us with a friendly, efficient service.

    — Pam – FCFR

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