• 23 Feb

    Spotlight on Chokoes

    Chokoes, also known as Chayote, are little vine veggies that many people forget about and shouldn’t – it’s not only really good for you but delicious too! In this post, we shine a spotlight on Chokoes and tell all you need to know to make it your favourite new vegetable. Intro Profile They belong to […]

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  • 22 Feb

    The Health Benefits of Passion fruit

    Originally native to South America, this tropical fruit has a thick yellow or purple skin that’s inedible, but look inside and you’ll find hundreds of sweet, tart and aromatic seeds. In this post, we talk about the health benefits of passion fruit and how you make the most of a passionfruit so you can enjoy […]

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  • 21 Feb

    Cold Chain Technologies

    As specialists in refrigerated road freight Brisbane and given our extensive experience with cold and dry storage, in this post we wanted to talk about the cold chain technologies and how they help make sure the ‘cold chain’ is performing at its best. But first things first, what is a cold chain? A cold chain […]

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  • 9 Feb

    Chinchilla Melon Festival

    Looking for something fun to do next weekend? As a logistics and road freight company operating throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales we’ve got fingers on the pulse for all  things food, and you know what the means right? We love food festivals! The perfect opportunity to try local produce at its freshest. Next weekend, […]

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  • 8 Feb

    Summer Produce Guide February 2017

    Welcome to February! An exciting time of the year with the warm temperatures, clear skies and sunny weather it’s summer at it’s best! In this post, we share what’s best in season and Summer Produce Guide February 2017.

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  • 7 Feb

    Queensland restaurants you must try off the beaten track

    As a logistics and road freight company operating throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we’ve visited businesses all over the state including anything from retail supermarkets to remote produce growers, in this post, we wanted to share with you some amazing hidden (not so well-known) Queensland restaurants you must try off the beaten track.

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  • 26 Jan

    The Health Benefits of Pineapples

    Imagine coming across a pine-cone shaped juicy fruit, what would you call it? When explorers discovered the fruit, according to historical records in 1398, that’s just what they saw and thus, named it the pineapple. Ananas Comosus, the botanical name for pineapple, is more than just a deliciously sweet fruit, it’s also great for your […]

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  • 25 Jan

    How do you like your steak done?

    Tomorrow is Australia Day and there’s no better way to celebrate than to throw a steak on the barbie. But everyone has a different preference as to how to cook a steak, in this post we share some tips on how to cook the perfect steak, cooked to your liking. How do you like your […]

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  • 24 Jan

    Ways to transport your food

    Unless you grow your own produce or have close access to a farmer’s market, most of the food that you eat needs to be transported before it reaches your table. As specialists in logistics and road freight, refrigerated transport and cold and dry storage, we are all about getting your produce from one location to […]

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  • 12 Jan

    The Best Cuts of Meat for Barbecuing

    With Australia day coming up and the awesome summer weather this January, it’s perfect for an outdoor BBQ. In this, we share some of the best cuts of meat for barbecuing and tips to get the best out of them.

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