• 29 Dec

    Summer Salads

    The Holiday Season doesn’t just mean Christmas, it signifies the start of the warm summer weather. The Brisbane Produce Market has an abundance of traditional celebratory fresh produce ready for the festive season. In this post, we share some ingredients and recipes to highlight the summer spirit, Summer Salads.

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  • 28 Dec

    The Quintessential Aussie BBQ

    Barbecuing is almost synonymous with the Great Outdoors here in Australia. Picnic at the beach? Aussie BBQ. Gathering at the local park? Aussie BBQ. Backyard party? Aussie BBQ. In this post, we talk about what it means to throw the quintessential Aussie BBQ.

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  • 27 Dec

    Transporting Alcohol for the Holiday Season

    Champagne, wine, beer, vodka…and other beverage choices, are all on the menu this festive season. With a variety of events to celebrate, from Christmas staff parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations, alcohol will certainly be in high demand, meaning more supplies will be needed over the season. In this blog post, as experts in refrigerated […]

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  • 15 Dec

    The Health Benefits of Cherries

    Cherries – these delicious “dessert” fruits are more than just great to taste but also great for your health. Cherries are members of the same fruit family as peaches, plums, apricots and almonds. In this post, we talk about the health benefits of cherries.

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  • 14 Dec

    Spotlight on Lychees

    As a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company with specialised and refrigerated transport and warehouses, we see all kinds of produce that come from all of over Queensland and North New South Wales, one of which is Lychees. In this post, we shine a spotlight on Lychees and explore why they are often called “the king […]

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  • 13 Dec

    Christmas Lights 2016

    All over Queensland, and even the country, this Christmas we get to catch a glimpse of the spirit of Christmas – through Christmas Lights Displays! From simple light fixtures to complex systems accompanied by music, these Christmas Lights Displays are bound to capture the likes of kids and adults all over the country. In this […]

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  • 1 Dec

    Summer Produce Guide December 2016

    Summer begins this month and the holiday season is finally upon us! December is also the month we get to welcome back some our favourites fruits and veggies! Perfect to incorporate into the festive celebrations.In this post, we share our Summer Produce Guide December 2016. Fruit Stone fruit is back in season! From Apricots and […]

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  • 30 Nov

    Explore North Queensland and satisfy your inner foodie

    The summer holidays are just around the corner, what adventures will you and your family have? Heading up north is the ultimate culinary exploration – a melting pot of everything weird, wonderful and in between! The area offers: cuisine that has a Southeast Asian influence combined with local bush tucker delicacies; an abundance of tropical […]

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  • 29 Nov

    Tips for making sustainable seafood choices

    Here in Queensland (and pretty much all over the country) seafood plays a central role of our culture and eating habits. The saying “shrimp on the barbie” didn’t come from nowhere. From classic fish & chips by the beach to fine dining restaurants offering extravagant seafood platters – seafood is an Aussie favourite.

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  • 17 Nov

    A Closer Look at Ice Cream

    Per capita, Aussies are among the leading ice cream consumers in the world, eating 18 litres each per year. In this post, we take a closer look at Ice Cream and why you can include it in a balanced diet.

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