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  • 7 Aug

    Why GPS Is A Benefit To Container Transportation

    The use of GPS in our lives has become commonplace these days. As individuals we expect most online orders to be trackable. It provides security and peace of mind that our goods are making their way safely to us. Similarly transport companies use GPS location systems for individual shipping containers. And there’s some impressive benefits […]

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  • 30 Jul

    What Is Cold And Dry Storage?

    Food logistics around the world rely on reliable cold and dry storage facilities to store food materials. It’s the way we keep food safe. But what does cold and dry storage actually mean? Cold Storage: Cold storage is a term used when storing temperature sensitive food in any cold environment. This could be in a […]

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  • 23 Jul

    Choosing The Best Brisbane Road Freight Company

    When it’s time to partner with a Brisbane road freight company it’s important to evaluate and analyse the options carefully. The company you choose will impact your daily operations and the right company can help your business succeed.  It really is a considerable decision, so to assist you in making the right decision… We’ve put […]

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  • 16 Jul

    The History Of Refrigerated Transport

    Humans have preserved foods for centuries. Ancient civilisations stored food in snow caves or buried food to keep it longer. But it’s not so easy to keep food cool when transporting it. And this problem existed for a very long time. Until someone invented the refrigerated truck and the food industry changed big time.. In […]

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  • 10 Jun

    Things To Look For When Choosing Refrigerated Transport

    Are you keen to get your temperature sensitive cargo to its destination in ‘as sent’ condition, every time? Well, here’s how… Whatever you want moved, be it fresh or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals or even fine art, you need it to be protected from temperature changes during transportation. To ensure this you must be sure the […]

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  • 8 May

    How Cannon Ensures The Safety Of Your Freight

    At Cannon Logistics, we’ve built our business on total commitment and focus to our customers. We have a reputation of delivering outstanding levels of service and are committed to our motto of “creating efficient logistics solutions” for our customers. But how do we ensure the safety of your freight? We have a firm commitment to […]

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  • 24 Apr

    Why Freight And Logistics Are So Important Right Now

    An efficient freight and logistics industry is an essential service that supports the life we have all become accustomed to. And right now it’s clear just how important it is. It’s taken just weeks for the COVID-19 pandemic to transform many of the world’s vibrant cities into virtual ghost towns. Even with strict social distancing […]

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  • 9 Apr

    Regional Trends In The Transport Industry

    At Cannon, we specialise in logistics and refrigerated transport to get goods where and when they need to get there. We’ve previously tackled a few issues and how they impact food supply chains. In this post, we talk about a few current issues and the potential impacts we’ll all see in 2020.  According to the […]

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  • 3 Apr

    Queensland’s Beef Supply Chain

    In our company as a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company that operates throughout QLD and Northern NSW, we have worked closely with Beef, being one of our main imports/exports. In this blog, we talk about the Beef here in QLD. The beef industry is one of the major rural industries with approx. 12.2 million […]

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  • 20 Mar

    Choosing A Refrigerated Truck – Your 5 Point Checklist

    Choosing a refrigerated truck for your business is an important task, that’s why renting one from us is super helpful as you learn the peculiar needs you have. In this post, we share 5 of the main considerations when considering to rent or buy a truck for your business.  1. What Storage Capacity does your […]

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