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  • 15 Nov

    Seasonal Spotlight: Herbs

    This Spring, we’ll be shining a spotlight on 3 of our most favourite herbs.  Because they’re in season, it’s the best time for them to be enjoyed! While these herbs are delicious, what many may not know is that these herbs actually have a wide range of health benefits, too. Read on to find out […]

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  • 28 Nov

    How to Get the Perfect Summer Fruit Platter

    Fruit platters are perfect for those hot, summer nights around this time or just a great dish for a meal at any time of the day and living in Queensland, we are spoilt for choice with the numerous ripe and luscious fruit ready for the plucking (or stuffing in our bellies). In this post, we […]

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  • 9 Mar

    The Health Benefits of Mangosteen

    This month Mangosteens are in season! One of the lesser known fruits, we wanted to share more about them and get them in your kitchen! In this post, we take discuss some of the potential health benefits of Mangosteen.

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  • 15 Dec

    The Health Benefits of Cherries

    Cherries – these delicious “dessert” fruits are more than just great to taste but also great for your health. Cherries are members of the same fruit family as peaches, plums, apricots and almonds. In this post, we talk about the health benefits of cherries.

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  • 14 Dec

    Spotlight on Lychees

    As a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company with specialised and refrigerated transport and warehouses, we see all kinds of produce that come from all of over Queensland and North New South Wales, one of which is Lychees. In this post, we shine a spotlight on Lychees and explore why they are often called “the king […]

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  • 19 Oct

    5 Ingredients special to Queensland

    Living in Queensland means being exposed to a wide variety of fresh produce – from tropical fruit to handcrafted cheeses to your more adventurous outback tucker, there is a lot to sample. As specialists in logistics and road freight through Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we’ve come across some wonderful produce that this region […]

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  • 10 Aug

    Spotlight on Strawberries

    In this post, we shine a quick spotlight on strawberries and share some of the health benefits and tips for enjoying them.

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  • 21 Apr

    Travelling with kids on the road

    In this post, we share some tips that will make travelling with kids on the road just as wonderful as a holiday should be.

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  • 22 Mar

    Spotlight on Pork

    In this post, we look at one of Australian’s favourite meats – Pork.

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  • 18 Mar

    Cannon Logistics lends a hand to the CEO CookOff charity event

    Cannon Logistics is happy to announce it has donated $300 to Fiona Berkin, CEO of Morris Corporation, who is taking part in OzHarvest’s CEO CookOff.

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