• 23 Jun

    Why Refrigerated Transport Matters In Winter

    As we head into winter and the cooler weather sets in, it may seem like refrigerated transport is no longer necessary. However, this is not the case! There are several reasons why refrigerated transport still matters in winter. Here are just a few to get you thinking: Maintain Food Safety  While cooler weather may help […]

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  • 20 Jun

    Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Transport Company

    Need to transport fresh fruits, flowers, dairy products, meats, or something frozen? Then you’ll need to hire a reputable transport company.  Choosing the right logistics company is crucial for protecting your business and ensuring your goods arrive in optimum condition.  Here’s some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a transport company.  Not Shopping Around There […]

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  • 9 Jun

    The Effects of Floods on Logistics Companies

    The recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales have brought big disruptions to the transport and logistics industry.  Floods can affect logistics companies in many ways, both during the event and in the cleaning-up stage afterwards. In this article, we’re sharing our insight into how floods affect logistics companies.  Disruptions As flood waters rise […]

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  • 31 May

    Winter Produce: What’s in Season

    Wondering what fresh winter produce is available in Queensland? Winter is often thought of as a less plentiful time of year for produce, but there is still a wide range of foods available at your local markets or store.  Buying in season produce can bring you many benefits. Seasonal produce is: Fresher More flavoursome Healthier […]

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  • 11 May

    What does a Logistics Company Do?

    If you are looking to get your goods delivered, you will need to hire the services of a logistics company.  So, you might be wondering what a logistics company actually does. In this blog, we’re sharing our insider knowledge on what logistics companies do and how they can help you.  What is logistics?  Logistics may […]

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  • 6 May

    5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cannon Logistics for Your Business

    If you’re running a business and need to transport fresh produce, flowers, meat, dairy products or something frozen, you’ll need a reliable company like Cannon Logistics.  Choosing the right logistics company is crucial for protecting your business and ensuring your goods arrive in optimum condition.  There are many logistics companies in Brisbane, but not all […]

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  • 3 May

    Why are Food Costs Rising in Australia?

    This has been a challenging year for the transport industry so far, and issues like rising food costs are here to stay.  Fresh and frozen foods have increased in price in the last few weeks due to ongoing impacts from the Queensland and New South Wales floods and the war in Ukraine.  In some supermarkets, […]

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  • 25 Apr

    Trucking Industry Unites Against Fuel Tax

    The trucking industry is currently facing challenges as a result of changes to fuel tax rates in Australia.  Due to rising fuel prices and the cost of living, the federal government has decided to halve the fuel tax rate from 44.2 cents to 22.1c per litre.  While this means that car drivers can expect to […]

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  • 14 Apr

    The Role of Microbes in Food Spoilage

    Food spoilage is a challenge for farmers, food businesses and transport companies to overcome. Food spoilage can occur because of temperature changes, bacteria growth, contamination, poor hygiene, or due to pests like insects and parasites. These can cause the quality of the food to deteriorate, making it unsafe for human consumption.  The primary cause of […]

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  • 5 Apr

    Biggest Threats to Food Safety All Business Owners Should be Aware Of

    If you’re running a restaurant, cafe, catering, or food transport business, there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to food safety.  Maintaining food safety is crucial to reduce the risk of food poisoning and to ensure your customers have an enjoyable experience.  Here are some of the most common […]

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