• 24 Jan

    The World Of Refrigerated Transport Post Pandemic

    The pandemic has had a huge impact on the refrigerated transport industry so far and is going to leave a lasting impression in the future. Despite the challenges of border closures and restrictions, the refrigerated transport industry saw huge growth during 2020-21. Although we don’t know how the pandemic will pan out in the coming […]

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  • 17 Jan

    Cold Chain and Other Unusual Refrigerated Transport Terms

    Refrigerated transport is a complex industry, which uses technical terminology to describe its processes. Whether you’re new to refrigerated transport or just looking to brush up on your knowledge, this blog will help you understand some key terms.  Refrigerated Transport Glossary: Blockchain: New logistics technology that tracks goods and improves traceability along the supply chain […]

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  • 10 Jan

    Top 4 Reasons Refrigerated Transport Is The Backbone Of Australia

    Can you believe it’s been almost two years since COVID-19 became a reality for all of us? In that time, a lot has changed and many industries have been affected in one way or another. Unfortunately, refrigerated transportation is not excluded here at all. Changes in supply chains in addition to border closures have meant […]

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  • 20 Dec

    The Australian Refrigerated Transport in 2022

    2021 is about to draw to a close and 2022 is almost here. The last two years have been memorable for all the wrong reasons. Like every industry, the Australian refrigerated transport has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes state border closures, lockdowns, vaccination rules and mandatory COVID testing.  All of these […]

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  • 16 Dec

    Keeping Your Seafood Fresh For Christmas

    Whether it’s fish, prawns, scallops or even squid, the hot Queensland weather is the perfect setting for a Seafood feast this festive season.

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  • 7 Dec

    December Produce Spotlight: Stone Fruits

    Whether it’s cherries, peaches or plums, there is a stone fruit for every one.  The changing of the seasons and warming weather means that stone fruits are now in season. If you haven’t seen them on your supermarket shelf quite yet, you’re bound to in the coming weeks. Today, we are going to go through […]

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  • 23 Nov

    Queensland’s Best Christmas Food

    Whether you’re crafting the perfect pavlova or looking for something to jazz up your salads for Christmas lunch, make sure to include fresh, local ingredients.

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  • 17 Nov

    Advice For Dealing with Extreme Weather on the Road

    The summer months in Australia bring about massive storms, heavy rain and chaotic winds which can make driving dangerous.

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  • 12 Nov

    November Produce Spotlight: Mangoes

    It’s finally mango season! If you’re yet to pick up some delicious mangoes from your local grocer, don’t worry – there’s still plenty of time. In Queensland, mango season usually starts around October and can last all the way into April if it’s a strong season! In today’s blog, we discuss some of our favourite […]

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  • 28 Oct

    The Future Of The Refrigerated Transport Industry

    The refrigerated transport industry looks to have a bright future with increased demand for its services, and innovations in technologies and systems. During the pandemic, with the need to transport vaccines and the increased demand for online shopping and delivery, the refrigerated transport industry became more important than ever.  Here are 5 trends set to […]

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