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2012-13 Road User and Registration Charges

The QTA Ltd Transporter News Brief which issued on Thursday 22nd March 2012 broke the news in relation to the Transport Ministerial Council (SCOTI) meeting which occurred that day and which determined the outcome of the annual review of Heavy Vehicle Charges including the NTC recommendation on Registration Charges for A-Trailers. 

The following information has been coordinated and prepared by the ATA on behalf of Member Organisations and their membership.  While at first glance industry benefits from a reduction in A-Trailer Registration charges the overall reduction for a B-Double combination is significantly less. 

To summarise…what the Ministers gave away with one hand, they recovered across all classes of vehicles, with the other.  The recommendation by the NTC and the decision by the Ministerial Council will be fully debated at the ATA Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 4th April 2012.  Note that your registration charges will be adjusted from the 1st July 2012 and the quantum of your fuel tax credit will decrease to 12.643 cents per litre from the 1st July 2012. 

QTA Ltd understands that the Department of Transport and Main Roads are working on the traditional schedule of heavy vehicle charges to reflect the increases.  QTA will make that schedule available in due course but in the meantime urges all members to rely on the attached data to determine the Registration and Fuel Excise cost to their business to allow adjustments to freight rates from the 1st July 2012. 


Key points: 

From 1 July 2012, the fuel tax credit that can be claimed by trucking operators will decrease from 15.043 to 12.643 cents per litre. The effective fuel tax paid by the industry will, as a result, increase by 10.4 per cent from 23.1 to 25.5 cents per litre. 

Australia’s transport ministers have also decided to increase many truck and trailer registration charges, although A-trailer charges will fall by almost half. 

Registration charges for multi-combination prime movers will increase by almost 22 per cent, with the charge for a three-axle multi-combination prime mover increasing $1,693, from $7,764 in 2011-12 to $9,457 in 2012-13. 

Registration charges for many rigid trucks will also increase substantially.   

The total registration charge for a 9-axle B-double will fall $1,301, from $15,708 in 2011-12 to $14,407 in 2012-13. But the registration charge for a triple road train will increase from $13,693 in 2011-12 to $16,607 in 2012-13. 

The attached table has the details. The official schedule of charges is also attached. Click to Download.

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