21 May

2013/14 Budget: How Queensland Infrastructure Will Benefit

Last week, Treasurer Wayne Swan unveiled the 2013/14 budget for Australia.

Along with a slew of other announcements, Swan also officially unveiled a $100 billion nationwide infrastructure blueprint. As part of this blueprint, each state and territory will be given a certain level of financial funding to help them improve local infrastructure. For all states besides Queensland, the funding is as follows:

  • Victoria: $3.8 billion
  • New South Wales: $2.7 billion
  • Western Australia: $1.1 billion + $500 million specifically for public transport
  • South Australia: $577 million
  • Tasmania: $180 million
  • Northern Territory: $160 million
  • Australian Capital Territory: $144 million

As for Queensland, the state is receiving two sets of infrastructure funding from the federal government. For general infrastructure throughout the state, the Queensland government will be handed $2 billion. However, the second set of funding the state is receiving means that Queensland is receiving the most localised funds out of all the states and territories.

In addition to $2 billion, Queensland will also receive $4.1 billion to be used exclusively in fixing up the Bruce Highway. So, in total, Queensland is going to receive $6.1 billion.

How these funds will benefit Queensland infrastructure

When you consider that more than two-thirds of the infrastructure funding Queensland is set to receive during this budget year has been allocated exclusively to upgrading the long problematic Bruce Highway, it is undeniable that this is good news for Queensland.

Of course, besides helping to address a number of issues with what is considered quite possibly the most dangerous road in Australia, the other $2 billion will help see improvements be made to the Gateway North region and the Ipswich Motorway, among others.

Improvements to the Bruce Highway will include the construction of more lanes to ease congestion, repairs of potholes and other points of damage to improve safety, improve sections to increase flood immunity, and additional improvements to help reduce overall travel times and costs. The entire endeavour is part of a 10 year plan, which is already underway and should be completed by 2021/2022. 

While the end result may still be a number of years off, any steps towards improving the Bruce Highway’s infrastructure and to make it a safer place to travel on is definitely a positive.

Are you happy to see the Bruce Highway receiving a boost to its infrastructure funding? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

* Image source: Canned Muffins

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