15 May

4 Fantastic Holiday Destinations

After working or studying hard for months on end, there’s nothing better than going a relaxing getaway. Both Queensland and NSW have some wonderful regional and coastal towns where you can unwind and forget about all your worries.

So if you’re unsure of where to go on your next holiday, we’ve got four places that we think could really suit you.

1. Yeppoon

Located in Central Queensland, Yeppoon is a nice, sunny coastal town that has a population of approximately 13,500 friendly people. Just off the coast of Yeppoon are a series of islands that range from national parks to tourist destinations such as Great Keppel. During this time of the year, Yeppoon’s weather is also ideal, sitting typically around the mid to low 20s.

2. Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is known for whale watching, sand dunes, pleasant weather and beautiful oceans. Taking around three and a half hours to reach when driving north from Brisbane, Hervey Bay also boasts fantastic weather all year round. 

Summer highs are around 29 degrees and winter highs are usually around 23 degrees. It’s a fantastic family destination and has a population of 63,000.

3. Toowoomba

If you’re looking for a more regional experience, then Toowoomba in South East Queensland may just be the place for you. It certainly gets cooler during the winter, ranging between 5 to 16 degrees, so it’s also ideal for those tired of the heat. Toowoomba offers scenery in spades, with mountaintop views that give way to breathtaking vistas never far away. 

Toowoomba is known as the “Garden City” and hosts a Carnival of Flowers every September with a street parade. The locals are welcoming and the entire town has a truly humbling country feel.

4. Yamba

A coastal village situated in Northern NSW, Yamba is famous for its 11 beaches, national parks, fantastic food and overall charm. A great place to simply rest and unwind, Yamba is full of things to do and welcoming locals.

Have these four places inspired you take a holiday? What’s your favourite destination? Tell us in the comments below.

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