7 Nov

The 5 Best Brain Foods Found in Queensland

Do you have minor lapses in memory? Find it hard to concentrate sometimes? A lot of people lack brain foods in their diet, which can contribute to problems with memory and concentration. Consuming more brain food is a smart way to help combat these issues.

In an average adult, the brain only takes up 2% of the total body weight, but it eats up to 20% of your body’s energy.

Like other body parts, the brain needs proper nutrition to work at optimal levels. Give your brain extra love and care with these 5 great brain foods that you can find in Queensland!

Quick Facts About the Brain

The brain is the command centre of the body and makes organs work in harmony. It sends and receives signals from sensory organs and processes information.

The human brain is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. Humans have a higher known intelligence than other mammals despite having a smaller brain size. For instance, a sperm whale has a brain five times larger than that of humans, but its brain size doesn’t correlate with its level of intelligence.

The human brain is filled with folds of neurons. These neurons hold the secret to human intelligence and making the brain healthy. We need to supply these structures with vital nutrients. Luckily enough, Queensland is abundant in brain foods!

5 Best Brain Foods Found in Queensland

  1. Broccoli, Cabbages, Chinese Greens and Spinach are available all year round in Queensland. Consuming one to two servings of these leafy greens daily can slow down mental aging because of their high vitamin K, carotenoids and vitamin E content. These are excellent brain antioxidants.
  2. Tuna, Salmon, Barramundi, Black Marlin and Swordfish are common in Queensland and these fish varieties are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for cognitive function.
  3. Beets can be found in Queensland at any time of the year. These unusually shaped veggies have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduce blood toxins. Beets also have natural nitrates which can boost blood flow going to the brain, improving mental performance.
  4. Black walnut is a rare variety of walnut found in Queensland. Snacking on walnuts or adding them to your salads can improve mental health immensely. Black walnuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and zinc which can increase mental alertness.
  5. Sage is a healing herb found in Queensland. This herb has a good reputation for increasing memory and concentration. Sage has high polyphenol and flavonoid content which detoxifies the brain from harmful toxins.

Why You Need to Eat More Brain Foods

The human brain ages like the rest of the body so measurable changes are normal. As the brain slows down, you need proper nutrition more than ever to support its functions. In addition, age-related mental diseases like Alzheimer’s may speed up brain function decline, which is why it’s important to make brain foods part of your daily diet.


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