24 Dec

5 Fantastic Truck Christmas Lights

It’s Christmas, and we hope you’re having a fantastic week.

To celebrate this wonderful season, we’re keeping this blog simple and festive with a list of five fantastic trucks that have been done up with Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

1. The Coca-Cola Truck

It’s quite possible that the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is responsible for inspiring the entire movement towards decorating trucks with Christmas lights for the festive season. For the years that it’s been running and touring the multiple stops across the UK, the Coca-Cola truck has maintained a simple but alluring Christmas light design.

2. The Truck that Stole Christmas

In Holland, Michigan, one truck company decided to don a Christmas light display that played on the classic Grinch character created by Dr. Seuss. But rather than dampening the Christmas spirit, this truck is a wonderful light display for kids and adults to admire.

3. Gingerbread House on Wheels

Each year around Christmas, Canada holds an annual Lighted Truck Parade and Food Drive to benefit the less fortunate. It begins in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia in Canada, and ends in Westshore, Canada. The event is celebrated by a parade of trucks lit up with Christmas decorations while people offer food and money donations for those in need.

4. Light it Up

It’s not just companies or the big rigs that love throwing Christmas lights onto their trucks. This photo is of someone’s own pick-up truck (or a ute, as we’d call it) covered in Christmas lights somewhere in New York.

5. A House and a Sleigh

This following photo is of another truck from Canada’s Lighted Truck Parade. This one isn’t just transported a home, but a sleigh as well.

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