4 Nov

5 items you should never travel without

Spring and summer inspire holiday road trips with the family and, as usual, freight deliveries continue and even grow throughout the Christmas period.

If you find that you’ll be going on a fairly large trip in the next few months or even throughout the year, there are certain items you should definitely have with you. In today’s articles, we list 5 items you should never travel long distances without.


1. A spare tyre

While your tyres may be in great condition, there’s no knowing what may be sitting on the road when you’re travelling from point A to point B. When you’re on a longer road trip, have a spare tyre or two is of particular performance. Of course, along with the spare tyre, also make sure you’ve got all the necessary accompanying tools you’ll need for replacing a tyre. That way if you find yourself with a flat tyre on the side of a deserted road, you’re not going to be panicking about whether you’ll be able to make it into town.

2. A mobile phone

While mobile phone reception across Australia can be sketchy depending on which telecommunication company you’re signed up with, all of them provide SOS coverage in most parts of the country. There are still sadly some reception black spots here and there, but having a mobile phone on hand is better than nothing, especially if you’re involved in a crash or end up with your vehicle stuck somewhere. Outback roads can be particularly unpredictable, so there is always the possibility you may end up in a tough spot where you’ll need to call for assistance.

3. Food and drink

Keeping your energy and hydration up is of critical importance when you’re travelling for hundreds – if not thousands – of kilometres. If you happen to decide that you’ll be going for a trip during summer, then make sure you have a healthy stock of hydrating liquids. And even if you’re not going with foods such as sandwiches or rolls, at least take some snacks with you to keep up energy levels. Long trips can lead to lethargy quite quickly if you don’t pay attention.

4. Sunscreen

The Australian sun can be harsh, regardless of when you’re travelling. But as we are entering into the final stretch of spring and summer isn’t too far away, having this on hand is more important than ever. You should always keep yourself well protected from the sun. Because not only does sunscreen prevent sunburn, but it also reduces the intensity of how the sun feels against your skin. This slightly alleviation from the heat also helps lessen the likelihood that you’ll suffer from heatstroke or other heat-related health hazards.

5. Oil, water, and more

Of course, if you’re going to travel long distances, you’ll also want to have some engine-related items with you. A big one is engine oil, as you’ll want to make sure you keep levels up so that you don’t place any unnecessary strain on your vehicle. Also don’t forget other products such as water where necessary. Either water or distilled water should be fine, although some do say that if you’re going to use distilled water, you should be mindful that excessive use of it can affect corrosion resistant metals in your engine. 

What other times would you take with you on a trip? Let us know in the comments below.

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