9 Aug

5 Major Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocados are always in demand across Australia, and some of the key growing regions include central and northern coastal New South Wales, and south east and central coastal regions and Atherton Tablelands of Queensland. Not only are they popular in all kinds of foods, they are also great for you too! In this post, we discuss 5 major health benefits of Avocados.


Avocados are packed with good fats. Eating healthy fats supports skin health, enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and may even help boost the immune system.

Some nutrients are fat-soluble. That means you should consume them with fats so your body can properly absorb them. A 2005 study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that eating carotenoids (antioxidants including lycopene and beta-carotene) with avocado or avocado oil increased their absorption. 

Weight Control

A 2013 study published in The Nutrition Journal found that people eating avocado with a meal felt 23% more satisfied. They also had a 28% lower desire to eat in the next five hours versus people who didn’t eat an avocado. Not only is the monounsaturated fat in avocados good for you, but their fiber fills you up.  In addition to upping satiety, plant-based fats like avocado provide antioxidants and fight inflammation. Both been linked to weight management.

Helps lower the risk of depression

As eating avocados means you’re ingesting monosaturated fats, it can actually help reduce and manage depression. Furthermore, the amount of folate in avocados help maintain your brain’s feel-good chemicals, dopamine and serotonin. Folate also helps to prevent the build-up of homocysteine, a substance that can impair circulation and delivery of nutrients to the brain.

Heart Health

Avocados contain a natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol. Regular consumption of beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols has been seen to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Plant sterols and fiber also make avocado a ‘heart smart’ choice.  

Brain Food

Avocados are rich in oleic acid (or OEA). Linked to improved cognition, this is an omega-9 fatty acid. Avocados are also high in tyrosine, an amino acid that’s a precursor to dopamine — the brain chemical that keeps you motivated and focused. The fruit also keeps brain cells healthy and supports the connecting nerves. One study from 2017 linked avocado consumption to better memory and problem-solving skills among older adults.


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