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5 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Road for Truck Drivers

A study conducted in 2014 found that 69% of American long-haul truck drivers were obese, while 17% were morbidly obese.

The statistics are pretty scary, but given the largely sedentary lifestyle that comes with truck driving, the health of drivers can be put at risk.

Little-to-no exercise, no set meal routine, limited access and time for healthy food options, snacking to pass the time… it can all lead to health issues.

Here’s 5 things that will help you stay healthy on the road:

Start small

The best way to make lasting changes to your diet and health is by starting small. Make changes in increments, rather than one massive overhaul. You’ll find it much easier to maintain.

Try things like downsizing the next take-out meal you get, going for the regular instead of the large, or swapping out soft drink for a bottle of water.


One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating on the road is being prepared. The inconsistent work schedules, constantly changing jobs and locations, and long hours away from home mean that it can be difficult to plan your meals ahead of time.

But it’s still possible to prep your meals. It’s just going to take a bit more time management.

Start with simple things, like having yoghurt tubs and fruit for a quick breakfast. Make easy things to prepare and store like wraps, sandwiches, and salads for lunch and dinners.

And spend a little bit of money on an esky or even a vehicle fridge, that way you can keep your food fresh no matter where you are.


Long hours on the highway can get boring, and snacking is one of the most common ways people beat boredom. If you know that snacking is your weakness, make sure your cabin is fully stocked with healthy snack options.

Before every job, make sure you have healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, trail mix, vegetable sticks, muesli bars, yogurt, etc. available. That way if you are tempted to snack, you can easily reach for the healthy alternative instead.

Having a healthy snack every 3 hours can help keep your hunger satiated and your metabolism working, rather than waiting too long between meals and having a massive lunch or dinner.

Switch up the soft drink

Soft drinks (and energy drinks) might give you a momentary kick, but sugar highs are not good for your metabolism or your body. Some soft drinks have up to 16 teaspoons of sugar per bottle, which quickly turns into fat in your body if you’re not burning it off.

Try swapping soft drinks for water. If you find water too boring, try adding some sugar free cordial, fruit slices, or even tea bags for flavour.

Know your weaknesses

If you know your problems areas, like constantly skipping breakfast or not being able to resist those bags of chips, then try to make small changes in those areas. Start by swapping out chips for a slightly healthier option, like rice crackers, or stocking up on some quick breakfasts to eat on the road, that way you won’t have an excuse to skip it.


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