9 Oct

5 Tips to Running a Supermarket


Determine departments

With a supermarket, you will several different departments such as seafood, fruits and vegetables, meats, frozen goods, deli, and so on. The mere organisational aspects of keeping all these departments in order is far too overwhelming for any one person take care of. For each department, you should have an employee that oversees it. As the head of a department, it is their responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Make sure you keep up-to-date with them and inform of any changes that need to occur within their set department.

Get your finances in order

There are several expenses that supermarkets face, various points of profits and other financial factors that need to all be covered in records and other accounting-related processes. Before even moving forward full steam ahead, ensure you have a grasp on each financial point of interest and recording that will need to be accounted for once the supermarket is opened.

Have your logistics figured out

With the amount of goods that are sold in a supermarket on any given day, it means that you will need a steady flow of stock being brought in on consistent basis. Supermarkets are huge and will often require thousands of new goods to be shipped throughout the course of week. Enough to stock the shelves and have back-up stock in the supermarket’s own stocking area out back.

What this means is that you’ll need a reliable logistics company to continuously bring in the stock you require for your supermarket. In addition, you’ll have to educate your staff on the necessary procedures to follow when sending out a request for more stock.

Another factor you’ll have to account for is whether or not you will offer home deliveries for people who may suffer from a disability or are elderly.


Not much has to be said here, but you will need ample parking for your customers that come to shop at your supermarket. If your supermarket is being built as a stand-alone premises (not part of a shopping mall), then make sure you have allowed for plenty of parking space as part of the plans.

Don’t forget about security

Keeping your business is paramount, so it’s important to ensure your business is properly secured. This includes alarms, security cameras, sprinkler systems, having a security company or the police contactable via your security system, and any other steps that will keep your business safe in the event of theft, criminal activity or other hazards such as fires and/or natural disasters.

Have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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