7 Aug

5 unique trucks

Most of us are used to the common trucks we see, regardless of their size or purpose.

But as is the case with almost anything in this world, there are trucks that defy expectations. From outrageously inventive designs to functions most of us wouldn’t even consider, here are five unique trucks you may not have realised exist.

1. Dekotora

Dekotora (also spelt ‘decotora’) is an abbreviation for ‘decoration truck’. As the name suggests, dekotora are extravagantly decorated trucks, often displaying neon or ultraviolet lights, garish paint jobs, and boasting often bizarre but eye-catching exterior parts. Dekotora is popular in Japan, where the practice originated, and is often done by professionals or dekotora enthusiasts.

2. The Sauna Truck

Russians love saunas, so much so that this love has led to the creation of sauna trucks. It’s exactly what is sounds like. A truck that has sauna in the place of where a usual trailer/cargo would go. Because why go to a sauna when the sauna can come to you? Part of the appeal has to do with Russians’ love of jumping straight into cool forest lakes after sweating it out in a sauna – so they have their sauna in the truck while it transports them to a lake area. It’s certainly convenient.

3. The ‘Iron Wolf’ truck

Another creation to come out of Russia is the ‘Iron Wolf’ truck. Designed by a group of Russian bikers, the truck itself looks like something out of Mad Max. It’s more about aesthetics than anything else, but it’s hard to deny that the Iron Wolf is a sight to behold.

4. Rotel

It’s one part a tour truck (just like double-decker tour buses), but the other part of the Rotel is a little more noteworthy. Also known as ‘the Rolling Hotel’, the Rotel is a hotel truck. Yes, you can rent out a room and effectively live in the Rotel as it takes you around different locales (it originated in Germany but now has a more global presence). It seems odd at first, but having a tour truck also provide you with proper sleeping quarters is actually a more appealing option than having to sleep in your chair. 

5. Colani Truck

Concept vehicles are often the ones responsible for more unique designs, the concept truck by German industrial designer Luigi Colani is no exception. No doubt a huge part of his concept truck’s ambition is improved aerodynamics, but its alien design is certainly a standout.


* “Dekotora” image by brunomiguelbrunomiguel’s photos, a website with Creative Commons images.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

All other images permitted under public domain

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