13 Nov

7 Weird Road Rules from Around the World

For the most part, you could say that Australia has some pretty straightforward road rules.

However, this doesn’t stop odd road rules from existing in other countries (and, as you’ll find out, we’ve got a slightly obscure one here as well) that make you wonder who decided they should be rules. So get acquainted with 7 odd laws of the road from across the globe.

1. Finland

If you happen to love to playing music while driving and decide to become a taxi driver in Finland, be prepared to pay for it. That’s because any Finnish taxi driver who plays music while driving has to pay an annual royalty for the right to do so.

2. Cyprus

It makes sense that it’s illegal to consume alcohol while driving, but usually drinking non-alcoholic beverages has never been that big of an issue. After all, on hot days you need to stay hydrated. However, in Cyprus it is illegal to drink anything while driving – even a tiny sip of water. So make sure you’ve quenched your thirst before hitting the road.

3. Saudi Arabia

If you’re a woman, be very careful about taking a car out for a drive while in Saudi Arabia. It’s illegal for women to drive on almost all public roads in the country. The penalties for breaching the laws can be quite severe, including jail time or deportation.

4. NSW, Australia

Yes, we can even lay claim to an odd road rule in our very own country, and it’s certainly a little weird in its definition. In New South Wales, you could face a fine of $165 if you happen to splash a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle. But don’t worry if you happen to splash a regular pedestrian with non-muddy water, there’s no fine for that.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Not so much a weird road rule as it is something worth noting if you ever decide to take the wheel while there, but the direction of one-way traffic can change in Bangkok relative to the time of day. So just because you were driving south in the morning, it doesn’t stop the possibility of you have to drive north through the same one-way street at a different time of day. It can lead to mass confusion, and often the direction changes and time of day can erratically change.

6. Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Imagine the frustration that would occur if you had a lapse and forgot to fuel up your car, leading to an empty tank and a now immobile car on the side of the road. Well, if you live in Youngstown, Ohio, they’ve given drivers good reason to not run out of petrol, by making it illegal. So if the men in blue spot you with nothing but with an exhausted supply of petrol, be prepared to have the law handed down on you.

7. Bulgaria

When you’re hitting the road, what do you think to have with you? Of course you take your phone and wallet, maybe some treats and drinks for hydration and energy, some friends and a spare tyre… This is a checklist for a road trip, really. But what about a fire extinguisher? Probably not, but you better remember to take one with you if in Bulgaria. It’s the law.

Got any other odd road rules that we missed? Share the with us in the comments below.

* Image source: jannoon028 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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