6 Oct

How To Best Store Fresh Food on Long Road-Trips

As Australians, we all know summer can be long and hot. Soaring temperatures and the scorching sun can make life a little difficult. But it’s also the time when most of us like to get outside, have picnics, adventures, holidays, and road trips.

Summer is also a tricky time for food. Storing food correctly is even more important in high temperatures – some food can spoil quicker, others can melt.

If you’re planning on taking food out in summer, or in the car for a long road trip, there are a few things to keep in mind for storing your fresh food.

Storing fresh food tips:

Pick the right esky

There are so many esky’s to choose from, but the right esky for the job depends on how much food you want to store. The one thing that all esky’s should have is a good seal to trap the cold air in and a drain on the bottom to let water out.

You don’t want to pack your esky so tightly that you squash food and don’t let cold air circulate. So make sure your esky or cooler box is large enough.

If you’re taking a lot of food and drinks on your road-trip, it’s good to have two esky’s – one for drinks that can be opened frequently, and another for food that is opened less frequently.

Ice packs are better than ice

Many people buy a bag of ice and empty it into their esky. While this will cool foods and drinks faster, it’s not great for keeping them cold for longer periods.

Use ice bricks or packs to keep the contents of your esky consistently cold. That way you don’t have to worry about the ice melting and water pooling in the bottom of your esky, which could spoil some of the contents as well.

Buy food fresh

Make sure the food is fresh when you pack your esky. This is particularly important for fruit and vegetables. If the food is starting to get a bit old, putting it into an esky (with fluctuating temperatures) will speed up the spoiling process.

Also, avoid washing produce if you plan to store them in vegetable storage bags in your esky. Dampness, humidity, or condensation inside the bag will lead to rot.

Pack strategically

The best way to keep food fresh in your esky for longer is to pack it strategically.

  • Store heavier, more robust items at the bottom. That way they won’t squash anything.
  • Store foods that will be consumed last on the bottom and often-used food on top.
  • Perishable foods like meat and dairy should be stored on top of ice.
  • Cold air travels down so ice packs should be used on top with chilled cans & bottles on the bottom.
  • Don’t over-pack it so that the lid doesn’t close properly or that air can’t circulate.


Transporting fresh food in summer can also be tough for those working in freight and logistics.

Thankfully, Cannon Logistics have refrigerated transport that can withstand Australian conditions and deliver produce in the very best conditions, no matter where.

We have refrigerated transport options for Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Yeppoon and everywhere in between. You can book our services here.

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