24 Apr

Campbell Newman Opposes Carbon Tax

Two months ago, we discussed how the rift between Kevin Rudd and the Labor government could impact on the incoming carbon tax.

The furor between Rudd and Gillard only made things worse for Anna Bligh as she ran for re-election as premier against Campbell Newman, ultimately losing in a landslide against the victorious Mr Newman and the LNP.

As he promised back during his campaign, Mr Newman has already made steps to see if there is anyway that he can stop the carbon tax – even if just on a state level.

Because Queensland is a large mining state – an industry that will be hit particularly hard by the carbon tax – even a win on state level could be considered a victory. However, Campbell Newman is hoping to get the support of other state premiers to have a bigger voice on the issue.

A bigger voice would ultimately mean the hope that the carbon tax could be stopped in multiple states and territories, if not all of Australia.

Mr Newman plans to consult with NSW, Victoria and Western Australia about taking a joint action to the High Court if his LNP government receives advice that states a challenge could be presented.

He went on record as saying that the carbon tax will only hurt families and that it was among a number of reasons as to why Queensland voters were “so upset” with the Labor Party.

We will keep you updated on the progress of Mr Newman’s efforts, as the carbon tax presents a lot of issues not just to the logistics industry, but many industries at large.

What are your thoughts? Do you hope that Campbell Newman and other state premiers can challenge the carbon tax? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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