10 Jun

Cannon Logistics Wins ‘Freight Smart’ Grant

Queensland freight operator, CANNON LOGISTICS was recently awarded the prestigious Freight Smart Grant.  

The Queensland Transport and Logistics Council in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads set up the grant to encourage the identification, trialing and evaluation of innovative practices that can be applied across the freight industry.  Selected from among a field of very tough competition, Cannon Logistics stood on its performance record to beat the field based on the results of its innovations to the Freight Smart programme adjudicators. 

This highly sought after grant was awarded for innovative freight practices that effectively reduce urban congestion, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver a more efficient and effective freight network.  Cannon Logistics’ Director, Zac Popov said, “Getting this grant is not like winning a lottery, we had to work hard for this.  We have invested heavily in getting the best trucks and drivers in the industry, now we have invested just as heavily in developing the best and most innovative freight practices in the industry as well.”

‘What this means is that Cannon Logistics customers will benefit as well from these innovations that include temperature and humidity control & monitoring within very tight tolerances to ensure the most stable environment for cold goods, and the least use of refrigerant for the environment.  We will be heavily reducing our carbon footprint by using these initiatives. Also, our traffic monitoring and on-board GPS technology ensures that our vehicles can skirt urban and congested areas to not only minimize urban impact, but get customers freight delivered more efficiently.  It a classic win-win!” Zac said.

The innovations have required changes at all levels from vehicle servicing, changing lubricants as well as operational & procedural changes to re-define best practise in our industry.  “I think it is fantastic that a middle-sized operator is gaining recognition over the big national carriers for these types of innovations.  Some day the market will realize what the industry knows, that it is always the smaller operator that can bring the economies and efficiencies that meet customers needs.  We don’t tell customers what they have to settle for, we do what the customer wants.”

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