9 Dec

Christmas traffic and your safety

With Christmas almost here, more motorists are about – both those going on holidays and those making deliveries in time for Christmas Day.

In today’s blog, we cover the important safety measures you should take while out on the road during this time of the year.

Be ready for more traffic on the road

It’s the Christmas break, so naturally there’s going to be quite a bit of traffic on the road – especially if it’s right at the start of the break and everyone’s heading to their favourite Christmas destination.

With more traffic on the road, there will consequently be an increased likelihood that accidents could occur. In this case, the key advice that can be given is to stay alert. Just because you drive responsibly doesn’t mean others will. It’s important to be considerate, share the road, and understand that no matter how stressed you or anyone else gets while driving, that final destination isn’t going anywhere.

Stock up on food and drinks

An Australian summer isn’t exactly a cold one, so ensuring you have snacks and drinks (preferably water) on hand is very important. Exposure to the heat of the sun causes a natural process of exhaustion and, eventually, diminished alertness. Having food for energy and water to keep cool/hydrated will go a long way in keeping you focused.

Even when using air conditioning, you need to keep in mind that it works by removing moisture from the air and filling it with cool, dry air. This, in turn, contributes to dehydration – so either way you look at it, you need plenty of water. Don’t forget to stop off for your main meals and stretch your legs in the process.

Never leave without emergency items

It honestly doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a 30-minute trip or a six hour one, you should never head off without emergency items on you. There’s the aforementioned food and water (water more so) for health reasons, your mobile phone (and phone car charger) in the event you need to call emergency services, an extra tyre, and more. Such items are even more important when you’re going on a road trip, but you should always aim to have most of these on you.

Beware of storms

Don’t forget to account for the severe storms that can occur during the Christmas and overall summer period. We covered this in a past blog, which you can read here.

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