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Cold and dry storage – maintaining freshness and quality

Cold and dry storage – maintaining freshness

The key purpose of both cold and dry storage is to maintain the quality and freshness of produce dependent on their respective needs. There are certain food types that can maintain freshness in line with normal room temperatures (or the usual fluctuations of external temperatures), whereas others rely heavily on controlled temperatures – often on the colder end.

When you need to move your produce from point A to point B, these necessary temperatures need to be utilised/maintained – both while waiting to be transferred and during transport itself.

Cannon Logistics’ Cold and Dry Storage offerings

As part of our logistics and road freight services, Cannon Logistics can keep your goods and produce stored at our Cold and Dry storage facilities in Brisbane. This will help ensure that your produce stays of the highest (and freshest) quality possible right up to the point of delivery.

At Cannon’s, we create efficient logistics solutions. We constantly strive to offer our customers the best in customer service, logistics efficiency, and maintaining produce quality. 

If you’d like to find out more about cold and dry storage services, as well as our logistics solutions throughout Queensland and Northern NSW, give us a call on (07) 3217 9211.

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