23 Nov

How to Have a Great Summer BBQ

With the holiday season here, what’s the perfect way to celebrate? With a great Aussie BBQ! Being blessed with such great weather, we’re here to help you throw a shrimp on the barbie and kick off an unforgettable BBQ Party! In this post,we share some tips for great summer BBQs that truly making your BBQ a success.

What ya workin’ with mate?

First things first, you need to pick a great barbecue. How often will you use it? How much space do you have? Are you going to throw your party outdoors in the backyard or at a nearby beach?

Location, location, location

No, we’re not just talking about where you’re going to hold your BBQ party, but…

Where are you going to position your barbecue grill? Make sure it’s in a well-ventilated spot. As any Queenslander knows (having been to some else’s for sure at least once or twice) you’re sure to expect guests congregating around the barbecue to chat, help with the grilling or share a nice, cold beer with you. It’s all part of the BBQ experience, so make sure your barbecue isn’t too far away from the party – make it the center of attention!

Ice, Ice baby

For a large BBQ Party, it’s important to keep meat and seafood cool while it’s waiting to get on the grill. Ideally, it’s best to keep these inside until the last minute, but in cases where this just isn’t an option (an off-site BBQ Party) make sure you have an Esky packed with ice to keep everything cool.

What’s your secret sauce?

Get marinades ready in a plastic bag at least two hours in advance to allow the meat/seafood time to absorb the flavours. Be careful with marinades that are acidic or contain alcohol, as too much time in these marinades can cause meat to toughen. In general, two hours should be sufficient time for most marinades. Before placing marinated meat on a barbecue, gently pat it down with some paper towel. If the meat has too much marinade on it, it will stew rather than sear.

Are you ready?

The meat smells delicious and it looks like it’s cooked. But wait just a few minutes before serving. The general rule of thumb is meat should be allowed to rest for at least half the time it takes to cook. Despite any protests, the waiting is worth it. The reason? If you cut meat as soon as it cooks, all the juices run out and the meat becomes dry. While the meat rests, the fibers in it begin to relax and the juices get redistributed and reabsorbed.

Keep Out Unwanted Party Crashers – Mozzies!

Summer can at times equate to perfect weather but with it means the mozzies are out. If you’re planning to have your BBQ party at home, plant rosemary, geraniums, and basil plants ahead as they’re known to be natural mosquito repellants.Alternatively, if you’re having your BBQ Party away from home, make sure to buy a small supply of sunscreen and insect repellant sprays for your guests. In both scenarios, lighting a few citronella candles is a good way to ward of the mozzies.

Clean Up

At the end of cooking – do yourself a favour and clean up your barbecue so it’s spick and span for next use. Spray grill surfaces with a BBQ cooking cleaner. This instantly starts to eat away fats and food residue.Try cleaning the BBQ whilst it is still hot as it is much easier to remove any undesirables at this time rather than having to chisel off items from a cold BBQ. A clean BBQ is always a lot safer and healthier to cook on.

So there you have it, a few basic ideas to throwing a smokin’ BBQ Party, got some more? Share your ideas with us below.

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