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Innovations in the Australian Transport and Logistics Industry

As a recipient of the Freight Smart Grant last year from the Qld Transport and Logistics Council, we here at Cannon Logistics personally demonstrate our passion for innovation within the transport and logistics industries.

To date, Cannon Logistics has aimed to continually improve upon its logistical services. We have done so through the following means:

  • We hire drivers who know the areas we service and possess the skills that mean they’ll know the best ways in which to deliver our clients’ products
  • We are always updating our trucks to meet new emission standards, and we buy those trucks and trailers that are ideal for the job in terms of what they can hold, the distance they have to travel, and which will minimize our carbon footprint
  • Utilising the most recent in humidity and temperature control technology so that the products we ship maintain their freshness
  • Our Insulation and refrigeration methods ensure minimal influence from outside temperatures, which in turn, reduces energy loss and these savings pass on to our clients. This can be demonstrated through our fuel savings by using IceCold Technologies products
  • GPS and traffic monitoring technology is used so that our drivers can avoid urban and congested areas. This leads to lessened urban impact and an increase in the efficiency of our deliveries and less use of fuel

Future technology and future hindrances

Incoming technology like Indigo will help more logistics companies become more efficient and environment friendly in their operations. But one concern facing the logistics industry – besides the impending carbon tax – is that of a lack of infrastructure.

As Australia’s population grows and as a result, demand for transport services, we hope that the infrastructure of roads are improved upon. Unrelated to us, but still relevant, is the agreed fact that rail freight may face the biggest issues, as rail roads will be insufficient to account for significant growth in the logistics sector. All we can do is hope that these changes are accounted for as the logistics industry grows.

Do you think the logistics industry has evolved? Where do you think it could continue to improve? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

* Image source: MR LIGHTMAN / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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