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Logistics and your small business

At Cannon Logistics, we provide our road freight services throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.

As a logistics company, our focus isn’t just on large freight deliveries, but also that of moving smaller pallets of items for small businesses and the likes of fisherman looking to get their latest catch from point A to point B.

Why small freight loads work

As a small business owner, you may only need a few products safely moved from your business to a particular location (or vice versa). It doesn’t matter if you’re a fisherman, farmer, regional business owner or someone who only needs a small freight load taken care of, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you need an entire pallet-load full of freight to be moved or only a few items that would take up a minor section of a pallet, we cater to both of these ends. Given the size of our trucks, we often have space left over for smaller freight deliveries and, as a result, can offer you a cost effective transport solution.

We determine our prices based on freight size, pallets used, distance travelled and other factors that mean we don’t apply a uniform price for you to pay.

Other benefits

Along with offering cost effective solutions for your small freight needs, we also will take care of your products/produce right up until the point of delivering to its final destination. 

With Cold & Dry Storage facilities at our Brisbane depot, we ensure your goods are never exposed to unstable temperatures or conditions that could spoil them.

This doesn’t just protect your goods, but your profits and peace of mind. Removing the stress of the unknown is what we take seriously for our customers and it is one reason why more customers choose us for both their large and small product freight needs.

No matter whether you’re located in Northern New South Wales or throughout regional and urban Queensland, we can cater to your small business’s freight needs.

If you’d like to learn more, call us on (07) 3217 9211.

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