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Pallet / Goods Damage – How to Insure Yourself

Given the nature of logistics and freight services, it’s natural that damage will occur in certain circumstances. Often the blame can be shifted among a number of people, but as a customer you have rights.

Insuring yourself in case of damage to your goods once they’re being handled by a logistics company is important. Whether the damage is due to negligent pallet packing before transport or it’s the fault of the driver, most logistics companies will both take responsibility for the damage and present you with some form of compensation.

This compensation could be a partial or total refund on what you paid for the services. This can often be determined by the extent of the damage. Also, if certain products find themselves constantly being damaged under the responsibility of a particular employee, they can face disciplinary action.

Keep in mind that if you pack your own products ready for transport with a logistics company, then you cannot hold the logistics company responsible if your packaging does not sufficiently protect your goods. The responsibility falls to you.

If you feel any company has damaged your goods and is refusing to take responsibility for negligent handling, do not hesitate to complain to the proper government bodies. In the logistics industry just like any other, the customer should be respected and their complaints addressed.

Here at Cannon Logistics, if we happen to damage of your goods, you can be comforted by the knowledge that we will compensate you for the damages. After all, the protection and safe arrival of your goods is our priority.

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