10 May

Popular Australian Food – How Times Have Changed

There are foods that are iconic to Australia. It’s almost assured that some fluff piece of news will be aired where a reporter dares a celebrity to try Vegemite on their first visit here.

Much like the majority of celebrities that find it unpleasant, there are a lot of Australians who do as well. Typically, though, they know well enough to keep that little truth hidden. Regardless of how many truly enjoy Vegemite, it is an Australian institution and a very popular food.

In the early days of Australia, popular foods included salted meats that were either roasted or baked as pies. Damper was the basic bread that existed. Over time the likes of Vegemite became the snack spread of choice. Naturally, because of our climate, barbecues grew in popularity.

For a long time, though, Australians were not aware of the amazing produce we had in our own backyards. It’s only recently that such goods have truly had the chance to shine. Meat pies are still popular as ever, but a healthy burger with fresh vegetables and premium meat are also commonplace.

Not just that, but the advent of restaurants and the overall evolution of the dining experience has given way to Australia proudly being able to flaunt its produce.

Queensland itself is renowned for its seafood and livestock while the Barossa Valley in South Australia proudly owns world-class vineyards that offer up award winning wines. In addition, Australia lays claim to special cuisine such as kangaroo.

It’s still part of our heritage to enjoy meat pies, Chicko Rolls, Lamingtons and Vegemite, but we’ve certainly come a long way from cooking bread in the ground and relying on heavy meats to get through.

We now proudly use our local produce to make world-class meals. Not only that, but we export our produce worldwide. And with the advancements in logistics, produce now arrives fresher than ever to restaurants, pubs, cafes and supermarkets alike.

Regardless of whether it’s an Australian classic or a new age delicacy, what’s your favourite Australian food? Tell us in the comments below.

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