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Prevent Cargo Theft

As general road freight, refrigerated transport, and cold and dry storage specialists, getting your produce to where it needs to be, on time and in the best condition is our top priority but what happens in between these processes to prevent cargo theft? Cargo theft can happen anytime and in this post, we share a few ways that can ensure the safety of drivers and cargo.

Assign Identity

For individual packages and pallet shipments, low-tech solutions can be utilised such as custom and unique printed theft-deterrent labels, self-voiding seals and tamper-evident tapes. This makes it virtually impossible for thieves to cover their tracks without visual detection at the point of transfer or delivery. Using security products that make it visually obvious the load has been compromised helps recipients to quickly identify shipments that otherwise may have a concealed loss.

Keep Cargo Moving

The longer a loaded trailer or container sits unattended, the higher the risk for theft. Limits are defined on how long a loaded trailer or container can remain unattended under different circumstances. This is ascertained through industry standard guidelines and also through data collection from previous runs such as where (and for how long) loaded trailers/containers sit along the supply chain to understand where the greatest risks are for cargo theft.

The Distribution Centre

As part of ongoing efforts to prevent loss, frequently assessing distribution centres is vital to check that none of the cargo has gone missing. Internal theft is one of the biggest problems for most food industry companies so making sure there is a solid inventory management system also helps to detect and identify when or where cargo could go missing.

External Surveillance

Both overt and covert surveillance is helpful to prevent and spot cargo theft. Using security systems such as CCTV in truck loading areas where tapes could be checked daily in order to detect any suspicious activities is another safeguard for cargo. Along with security cameras, unannounced security audits where the auditor unloads the product off of the truck and confirms whether or not any extra products were added to the truck or there is missing inventory from the truck. By attaining the chain of custody, one can discover which people were responsible for putting extra product or failed to load products on the truck, and why. Finding out people were responsible for handling the products doesn’t necessarily mean an intent to steal but could point out any discrepancies that need to be looked into further.


Great drivers plan routes carefully and don’t stop in isolated locations. Parking, no matter where you are, puts cargo at risk of theft. Drivers are aware of safer rest stops in order to assure the safety of the driver and the cargo. Some ideal elements that drivers look for when choosing a safer truck stop would be to be aware of places with good lighting and parking in close proximity. By parking close, a driver is able to spot suspicious activities that could occur while they’re away and report what he sees in a timely manner. Drivers are urged to practice basic safety habits like locking the doors and removing keys from the vehicle when not in use. Also when returning to the trailer, to survey the vehicle and look for any sign of tampering.

The Right Equipment

Using the right equipment will delay a theft in progress. Even a basic round lock with a hidden shackle padlock helps to keep your cargo safe in its trailer. Hidden padlocks of industrial grade can protect against drilling, sawing, prying, crowbars, hammers etc. Other more evolved approaches to help protect cargo, include vehicle-based GPS, which allows one to track vehicles and keep an eye on shipments.


These are just a few ways to protect your cargo. Want to get your good shipped and delivered anywhere across Queensland and Northern New South Wales? Contact us today.

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