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Stacking Pallets: Best Practice

Here at Cannon Logistics, we transport many pallets from point A to point B, so we know something about best practice for safety and efficiency. We have put together some tips of the best ways to deal with safely stacking goods onto a pallet, both for you and the goods.

1. Goods

 Some general rules to observe with stacking goods onto a pallet include:

  • Place the heaviest objects at the bottom of the pallet. You should also consider how strong the items are. So the heaviest and least likely to be damaged at the bottom.
  • Naturally, as you stack the pallet, you should aim to stack progressively so you cover the entire face of the pallet before stacking upwards. When stacking upwards, ensure it is not at risk of collapsing. This is unsafe and could severely damage items.
  • If you have a large collection of smaller items (such as canned fruits), find cardboard boxes to place them in as opposed to just haphazardly sitting on the pallet.
  • A large deal of items on a pallet, especially large loads, may need to be secured in plastic pallet shrink wrap. This means that you will keep your items secure and they won’t have any chance of falling out during transit.

2. Yourself

Be sure to observe the following practices to avoid injuries or potential hazards.

  • When stacking pallets, you will find yourself in situations where you have to grab items from awkward areas. If the item is too heavy or awkwardly shaped, ask for someone to help you.
  • Similarly, items that are noticeably heavy, either make sure that you can pick it up correctly and with ease on your own (lift with your legs, not your back or through twisting) or have someone help you lift it.
  • Another option is to utilise equipment that will help you lift or reach awkward items (e.g. forklift, scissor platform, hydraulic carton stacker, etc.).
  • Be cautious of goods that come in glass or hardened plastic. Handle them with care and if they break, clean up appropriately.
  • Most importantly, if you sustain any injuries – or believe you have – report them straight away and follow the procedures given to you by your safety officer. Visit a doctor if the injuries appear consistent.

Remember, your well-being always comes before that of your goods, but if you follow these tips, then you should be able to keep the stacked items and yourself safe while stacking pallets.

* Image source: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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