20 Mar

The Advantages of Road Freight

When it comes to freight, there are three key channels: 

  • Air 
  • Rail
  • Road

While air and rail certainly have their strengths, we’re here to tell you about how road freight is truly beneficial.


If you’re planning to send out or receive freight from another state in Australia and choose air freight, you could be facing some fairly hefty costs for the transit. 

While air freight is the obvious choice for international freight, road freight can cover a lot of ground within Australia without having to break the bank. Cannon Logistics offers its road freight services throughout Queensland and northern NSW, for example.

So before you place your freight on a plane from Brisbane to Townsville, consider the road alternative.

Location services

Air freight can arrive at an airport and rail freight can arrive at a railway station, but road freight has much more local flexibility. We deliver door to door with NO or minimal double handling. Not only that, but road freight has all the same internal technology that rail and air freight has, such as temperature control.

By using a road freight service, you can cut down on the distance and double handling your freight must travel. Also remember that just because some freight may have to arrive by air or rail, that doesn’t mean road freight can’t finish the journey.

Intermodal freight can go from freight service to freight service easily.


When it comes to freight that only needs to be moved within the country, road freight is still an extremely efficient option. Our drivers, who complete a fatigue training certificate course can drive for 14 hours a day while still taking all the appropriate breaks.

Also, with their experience, they can identify more efficient routes that will not compromise their health or the health of your cargo.

If you have any more questions about road freight or anything regarding freight and logistics, feel free to contact us or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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