9 Jul

The health benefits of lychees

Lychees are a fantastically delicious, sweet fruit. But not only do they taste good, they’re good for you, too. In today’s blog, we’ve listed a breakdown of some of the key health benefits that are offered from this little fruit.

Health Benefits

Some key benefits include the following (source of information):

The average lychee fruit contains around 66 calories per every 100g. It contains neither saturated fats nor cholesterol. On the flipside, it does comprise a good number of dietary fibre, antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Lychees contains oligonol, low-molecular-weight polyphenol, that is believed to have both antioxidant and anti-influenza virus actions. This same polyphenol is also known to help improve blood flow to organs, assist in weight loss, and even protect our skin from more harmful UV rays.

Lychees contain a good amount of potassium and copper, both essential minerals for the body. Potassium helps in keeping your heart rate and blood pressure in better order, which in turn makes it key to protecting you against strokes and/or coronary heart diseases. Copper, on the other and, is a necessary mineral in helping with the production of red blood cells.

As far as vitamins go, lychee fruits are a great source of vitamin C. If you were to have 100 grams worth of lychee fruits in a day, you’d receive 71.5mg of vitamin C – a number that totals to 119% of the average daily recommended intake value. Vitamin C is believed to help the body resist infectious agents (e.g. bad bacteria, viruses, etc.).

Lychees are also a great source of B-complex vitamins. These include, but are not limited to, thiamin, niacin and folates. These vitamins play a core role in helping the body more effectively metabolise carbohydrates, protein and fats.

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