21 Mar

The Worst Roads in Queensland

Queensland is Australia’s second largest state by area and much of the key travel routes, such as the Pacific Highway, is battered with tropical weather each year. As a result, our roads have a less than desirable reputation.

Thanks to the RACQ’s ‘Worst Local Roads’ survey, we have put together a list of the worst ranked highways and roads in Queensland.

3 Worst Highways in Queensland

In their list for the top 20 worst state roads and national network highways, the following highways took the non-honour of the worst in Queensland.

1. Bruce Highway: Not only did it rank as the number 1 worst highway, but it also ranked as numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The reason for it covering 6 different ranks is because of the highway having issues in different areas throughout Queensland. The most common issues with the Bruce Highway include:

  • rough and narrow road surface
  • a lack of overtaking opportunities
  • prone to flooding
  • frequent potholes
  • some people classified it as the worst highway in Australia

2. Warrego Highway: This highway took out the number 2, 8 and 9 spot due to many of the same complaints. There was also a noted issue with insufficient drainage.

3. D’Aguilar Highway: Taking out the number 11 spot (beaten to number 10 by a state road), the D’Aguilar Highway boasts the following problems:

  • narrow and rough road surface
  • tight curves/blind crests
  • poor shoulders
  • lack of overtaking opportunities

3 Worst Local Roads

The three worst local roads in Queensland, all of which ranked equally at number 1 for number of votes include;

1. Paradise Road (Brisbane City Council): Rough surfaces, tight curves, poor road shoulders, flood prone, poor drainage and even poor lighting.

2. Stoney Camp Road (Logan City Council): Rough surface, poor shoulders and flood prone. Not as bad as Paradise Road, but still not good.

3. Old Toogoom Road (Fraser Coast Regional Council): Basically this road suffers from a combination of the problems Paradise and Stoney Camp Road suffer from. It’s flood prone, has poor drainage, the road surface is rough, etc.

These roads are obviously in dire need of some attention and refurbishment. But what about your road or ones around you? Are there ones you think need to be fixed ASAP? Share with us in the comments below.

* Image source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region

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