27 Dec

Transporting Alcohol for the Holiday Season

Champagne, wine, beer, vodka…and other beverage choices, are all on the menu this festive season. With a variety of events to celebrate, from Christmas staff parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations, alcohol will certainly be in high demand, meaning more supplies will be needed over the season. In this blog post, as experts in refrigerated transport, we want to share some tips for transporting alcohol for the holiday season. 


Beer and wine are particularly susceptible to changes in temperature. The risk of damaging the product because of freezing is increased because the alcohol content lowers the freezing point. Extremely high temperatures will negatively impact the oxidation of wine. Spirits have a wide tolerance to extremes in weather and environment, but are still fragile to transport. There are modern tools in use to prevent cargo loss due to temperature. For example, temperature controlled refrigerated containers or (Reefers) provide a climate controlled environment and prevent loss due to swings in temperature.


This is the reason many brands of beer and wine are bottled in dark, opaque glass. Light can cause oxidation of Wine and spoil the taste. You should always avoid direct sunlight on your product when possible.


  • Avoid packing and transporting opened liquor bottles. Remember, that some of these ignite.
  • Make sure to use a sturdy speciality box. Try to choose cell boxes with installed cardboard. Another useful packing material is a styrofoam divider since it works in protecting the bottles from banging and shifting with each other while in transit.   
  • If you are transporting expensive wine, then make sure to pack the bottles upside down or on their sides. This will prevent the corks from getting wet. All boxes used to pack them should also be marked as fragile. To increase their level of protection, consider wrapping them up with a bubble wrap.


  • Provide beverages with enough cushioning and space will guarantee will guarantee their safety. Tape down loose bottle caps and corks to make sure that they properly fit.
  • Packing them side by side using a sturdy box is also helpful.
  • If you decide to pack the alcohol using two layers, make sure to separate the layers by addition extra cushioning.
  • Store the packed items in a space, inside the van or truck, that it far from objects that might crush or fall into them.

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