17 Apr

Truck vs Bull

Freight trucks need to be big, fast and, if necessary, capable of taking a beating. In many ways, they need to be like a bull. Luckily they aren’t used in that way, but just how tough are freight trucks.

We decided to compare our trucks with the weight, speed and strength of a bovine bull to find out. (We didn’t actually pit our trucks against a bull, we simply did some research.)

To do this, we considered the gross vehicle mass of our four types of trucks, which are:

  • Kenworth T404 SAR at 24,100kg GVM
  • Kenworth T408 SAR at 23,000kg GVM
  • Kenworth K200 at 23,500kg GVM
  • Volvo FH13 at 27,700kg

We then added all four numbers together and divided them by four to reach an overall average of 24,575kg. In terms of the trucks max speed, we placed it down as 100km/h to account for speed limiters. The strength of freight trucks is fairly obvious, so we left it as “powerful”.

When researching the bovine bull, we found out that they can reach weights close to 1 ton, which is around 907.18kg. The top speed they can reach is about 64.37km/h. Bovine bulls have supremely strong, tight muscles that run over their body and they attack relentlessly and are good at protecting their bodies from attackers. We define this as “powerful”.

The final standings were:


Freight truck

Weight = 24,575kg

Speed = 100km/h

Strength = Powerful


Bovine bull

Weight = 907.18kg

Speed = 64.37km/h

Strength = Powerful

In two of three categories, freight truck beats the bovine bull. It was only in pure strength that both were considered equal. But given how aggressive bulls can be and how awkward it would be to actually fight a bull as a truck, that certainly gives the bull an advantage. In terms of staying safe, though, you have a greater chance of surviving if in a truck.

For the sake of further research, we decided to include one more contender – the human being. We compared the freight truck and bovine bull to the man responsible for the fastest human racing speed, Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt has a recorded fastest speed of 44.72km/h and weighs somewhere between 86 – 92kg. While we weren’t able to gauge his strength, we doubt it is anywhere near comparable to the strength of a bovine bull or freight truck.

Ultimately one of the reasons why the truck wins is because it also has weight and speed behind its strength. The bull has this over Usain Bolt, as do freight trucks. For any human to compete with a bovine bull in a true fight, they would have to weigh 907.18kg. 

Suffice to say, we’ve never really seen any true human forces of speed or strength come from that weight. Still, you have to give credit to those matadors who take on bulls for the pure entertainment of viewers. And 44.72km/h is an incredible speed to reach as a person.

In the end, though, the battle between truck and bull will ultimately see a truck as the victor. What are your thoughts on truck vs bull vs man? Share in the comments below.

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