20 Feb

World’s Most Unique Roads

Around the world, there are a number of roads that are truly unique for their own defined reasons.

Whether this individuality comes from the complexity of their design or the brilliant sights associated with its route, we’ve listed a number of roads from around the world we believe are very unique.

The Magic Roundabout – Swindon, England

While us Australians may be more accustomed to roundabouts compared to Americans, it’s still hard to fathom navigating the Magic Roundabout located in Swindon, England. It originally opened in 1972 and is considered to be the most confusing roundabout in the world.

As it stands, the magic roundabout is defined by five small external roundabouts that move traffic in a clockwise direction while a roundabout (or internal circle, at least) directs cars in a counterclockwise direction. For those who use it everyday, it’s probably a cakewalk. But for anyone simply trying to comprehend how it works – even with the use of a visual aid – it looks more like an accident waiting to happen.

Yonge Street – Ontario, Canada

What makes Yonge Street of Ontario, Canada unique from other streets is that it holds the honour of being the longest street in the world. When measured from start to finish, the street runs for a total length of approximately 1,896 km. The street starts on the Toronto lakeshore and winds its way northwesterly along Highway 11 to Rainy River, Ontario, at the Minnesota border.

Highway 1 – Iceland

When it comes to highways, Iceland’s highway one would have to be one of the most encompassing, as it’s commonly become known as the “Ring Road” due to the fact the highway loops the entirety of the country. For large portions of the highway, it is single lane both ways and goes through the sub-arctic desert and curves along notable portions of the Atlantic coastline. It’s a visual delight, but you just have to be prepared to feel safe going over some antiquated bridges.

Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road – Northwest territories, Canada

If you’ve ever watched Ice Road Truckers, then it’s likely you’ve heard of this almost 600 km long ice road that allows truckers to move freight to Canada’s diamond mines. In a true definition, it’s really not technically a road, but rather a collection of interconnected frozen lakes. The path has been figured to allow truckers to drive where the ice is thick enough to support the weight, which is achieved through meticulous planning and maintenance crews who brave the freezing conditions to constantly monitor the route to ensure it’s safe. Temperatures can go as low as -57 degrees celsius.

Any other roads you think deserve a mention? Add them in the comments below.

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