19 Jul

How Monitoring Technology is Steering Cold Chain Logistics Innovation

The logistics industry is using new monitoring technology to innovate processes, make production more efficient and increase sustainability. 

Major challenges in the industry like food waste, environmental concerns and hunger are driving efforts to make the global food distribution network more efficient. 

The foodservice industry is using SMART (self-monitoring, analysing and reporting) technology to break down barriers and safely feed the planet. 

Fine-Tuning The Supply Chain

By adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence, the supply chain can create data-rich environments and eliminate the chance of human error. 

This builds relationships between suppliers, service providers and customers and establishes trust. By allowing for collaboration, food is delivered where it is needed, in the right quantity and at the right time. 

Building Success Beyond Traditional Reach

Digital advancements mean businesses can transcend from their traditional processes and create new operating models for collaboration. 

Tracking, tracing and monitoring the freshness of food on its journey along the supply chain can be done with new ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technology. The benefits of using monitoring devices include reducing product variability and ensuring freshness and product quality. 

The advancement and accessibility of IoT solutions allow monitoring systems to speed up processes. Companies can use these technologies to be more attuned to customers, increase product yield, extend shelf life and optimise resources. 

For example, digitally monitoring temperature throughout the supply chain ensures product quality because it reduces manual checkpoints and handling. Tracking product movement also allows for supply chain optimisation, through improving the effectiveness of production schedules and preventing waste. 

Building Sustainability

Throughout the global food supply chain, the goal is to create a circular economy where businesses work together to reduce waste and optimise resources. 

Making the correct amount of product, turning the inventory over faster, and shipping it directly to the right place reduces the use of energy and power, and so supports sustainability. Avoiding over-production means reducing the carbon footprint and excess consumption of resources like energy, water, and materials. 

Technology is bringing together various elements of the supply chain and enabling them to listen and connect seamlessly. 

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