14 May

How to Minimise Food Waste

Food waste is an expensive issue for people in the food and hospitality industry. Food goes on a long journey before it gets to your plate, and food waste occurs at every stage. 

Here are our top tips to avoid food wastage in the food logistics part of the supply chain.

  1. Use FEFO Stock Rotation

In the distribution and storage stages, the best way to reduce food waste is through implementing correct stock rotation practices…

Stock rotation shoud follow the FEFO rule, that is, First Expiry First Out. Use food close to its expiry date first, as fresher food lasts longer.

It’s also important to check what stock you currently have before ordering. 

  1. Monitor & Control Temperature 

Inadequate temperature control during distribution can cause spoilage and waste at the retail stage.

Good temperature control keeps food fresh as it travels along the supply chain, which helps to reduce food waste not just at distribution and retail, but also for consumers. Make sure you are consistently monitoring your product’s temperature during distribution.

  1. Use New Technologies to track changes

New technologies are being developed to minimise food waste, including new bio-sensors that detect microbiological pollutants on food. There’s also new ways to detect changes in temperature, light and pressure, which can affect food quality.

Identifying and monitoring stock during the distribution process helps to maintain quality and reduce waste. 

  1. Adjust transport strategy on the go

Information about shelf life losses based on monitored environmental data, such as temperature, can be used to adjust transport processes. For example, items close to their expiry date can be assigned to shorter transport routes to prevent losses and to provide consistent quality to customers.

At Cannon Logistics, we are Queensland’s refrigerated transport experts.

If you have any temperature sensitive products that need transporting, we will ensure that your goods arrive in the best condition and retain their quality throughout their journey.

For more information, contact the team today! 

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