11 Jun

Independent butchers excel in Australia

Research has found that Australians are more likely to visit their local butcher than Americans are.

The study, published by the American Meat Institute, shows that the number of Australian butchers who make up the meat market is almost double to that of the US. In the US, it is 8 per cent. In Australia, the number sits closer to 15 per cent. That means that of all the places Australians can purchase meat from, a respectable number still prefer their local butcher over the likes of delis in supermarkets.

Why Australians gravitate towards local butchers

While 15 per cent may not read like much, it’s actually quite an impressive number. When you consider that local butchers tend to have shorter operating hours (and some may simply close up shop over the weekend) and can be seen as ‘less convenient’ than a supermarket, there are plenty of Aussies making a conscious decision to invest in their local butcher than bigger chains.

Why? Well, two key reasons, according to Freshlogic’s managing director Martin Kneebone, come down to “quality and better range”.

It’s an encouraging attitude, showing that there are plenty of Australians who’ll seek out quality meats. In addition to this, independent butchers can often offer unique cuts that you otherwise would not be able to find in your traditional supermarket. That’s a big part of the appeal. Quality, range, and unique products.

The popularity of independent butchers is not lost on supermarkets, with many of them designing their deli/butcher sections to imitate the classic look and feel of an independent butcher shop.

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