3 Apr

Queensland’s Beef Supply Chain

In our company as a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company that operates throughout QLD and Northern NSW, we have worked closely with Beef, being one of our main imports/exports. In this blog, we talk about the Beef here in QLD.

The beef industry is one of the major rural industries with approx. 12.2 million cattle in Queensland (and that’s stats from 2012! Imagine how much more these days). As a nation, we are the 7th largest global beef producer. We are also the 3rd largest exporter of beef products. There’s certainly enough to keep up with demand.

In Queensland, we hold 42% of the country’s cattle. Our herds have the Brahman breed. In the subtropical parts of Queensland, a range of British and European breeds are managed as pure herds, or crossed with Brahman genetics. The introduction of Wagyu genetics in the 1980s or later has allowed herds to be built up to the point where we now have the largest herd outside of Japan. Queensland also accounts for almost 50% of Australia’s processed beef. 

An efficient freight network is critical to Queensland’s global competitiveness and economic performance. Beef relies on a combination of road, rail and port access for the delivery of livestock and goods and the transport of products to domestic and global customers. At Cannons, we have a developed logistics route to deliver the meat to where it needs to go. Working within the government’s strategic plan it looks like we are well on the way to a well developed and maintained beef exchange.

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