28 Nov

How to Get the Perfect Summer Fruit Platter

Fruit platters are perfect for those hot, summer nights around this time or just a great dish for a meal at any time of the day and living in Queensland, we are spoilt for choice with the numerous ripe and luscious fruit ready for the plucking (or stuffing in our bellies). In this post, we share a few ideas on creating some gorgeous summer fruit platters.

Arrange a few overlapping slices of melons on the outer circle of a large platter.

Take advantage of some summer favourites like papaya, mango, peaches or nectarines, and kiwi fruits to fill the centre of the platter.

Scatter grape bunches here and there, leaving the opening in the center of your platter for a bowl of berries.

Accompany your fruit platter with a bowl of fresh yoghurt and a bowl of toasted almonds or macadamias to really offer a summer treat that will delight everyone.

That’s just a basic idea of great summer platter, see below for more ideas, as they say “a picture tells a thousand words”:


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