22 Sep

The Top 3 Safety Innovations Improving the Refrigerated Transport Industry

The refrigerated transport industry is currently adapting new technologies and safety innovations to improve its workflow. These innovations are driven by changes to the industry due to increasing consumer demand, and pandemic pressures. 

1. Food Safety Innovations

In the cold chain, new innovations are making it easier to detect and eliminate foodborne diseases and improve food safety. For example, visibility and traceability technology allows the industry to track food’s location, time of delivery, and shelf life. There are also augmented reality and temperature control technologies emerging. These innovations help to decrease food waste, minimise foodborne illness, and ensure goods arrive in a safe condition for consumers.  

2. Automation Innovations

Another way the refrigerated transport industry is innovating its safety is through automating processes. Due to budget and space constraints, many warehouses are becoming taller instead of wider, and so increasing the height that forklifts need to reach. New technologies for picking, sorting, and storage automation, plus electric lifting options for trucks and forklifts make tasks easier and safer for workers. Automation also decreases the risk of human error, and so, improves the overall safety of the cold chain workplace. 

3. Employee Safety Innovations

Facilities in cold storage and transportation are home to harsh temperatures that can be uncomfortable for workers. New innovations in heated wearables and equipment can make working in these temperatures more enjoyable and safer for employees. Heated clothing applies energy directly to the worker only, instead of trying to maintain a large volume of warm air inside a cab. 

Within the warehouse, new camera technology is helping workers to avoid mishaps, injuries and accidents by providing more visibility. Augmented reality technology also helps to ensure employee safety in the warehouse.  

As the refrigerated transport and logistics industry continues to adapt to meet the pressures of the pandemic and consumer’s demands, more innovations will be needed to keep ahead.

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