10 Jan

Top 4 Reasons Refrigerated Transport Is The Backbone Of Australia

Can you believe it’s been almost two years since COVID-19 became a reality for all of us?

In that time, a lot has changed and many industries have been affected in one way or another. Unfortunately, refrigerated transportation is not excluded here at all. Changes in supply chains in addition to border closures have meant that people in the refrigerated transportation sector have had to adjust the ways in which they work.

However, this does not change one fundamental fact – refrigerated transport is the backbone of Australia.

In today’s blog, we will be delving into this statement further: What are the 4 main reasons why Refrigerated transport is the backbone of Australia?

1. Australian Climate

Australia’s geography can be quite harsh – hot and humid in one corner, dry and cold in another. As a result, food can spoil quite quickly and unexpectedly if not handled correctly during transportation. Refrigerated transport allows perishables from one side of the country to be safely delivered to the other.

2. Australian Population Density

We live a pretty good life here in Australia, particularly if you consider our population density compared to some of our Asian pacific neighbours. Australia is a vast continent with its population spread out when you leave the coastal cities. Refrigerated transport is crucial in Australia to ensure everyone, regardless of their postcode, can access safe perishable food.  

3. Demand for Perishables Rising

This trend is in no way exclusive to Australia: the demand for perishable goods around the world is rising. Research conducted by marketsandmarkets shows that by 2025 the industry is projected to have grown by $25.6 Billion.

4. Rise in Demand for Ready Made Meals

As mentioned above, the pandemic the world is currently enduring has forced many of us to confront and change our habits. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy or rarely cooks, this pandemic may have dramatically changed the way you consumed…and you wouldn’t be alone. 

Studies show that there has been a massive uptick in the number of people consuming ready-made meals in Australia. In addition to COVID-19, another driving force for this change in consumer behaviour is rapid urbanisation and busier lifestyles. Customer research conducted by Coles in mid-2020 found that 1 out of 3 customers did not have the time to cook and 52% did not enjoy it. 

> Do you hate cooking?

> Perhaps you live in a regional area? 

> Are you noticing you’re eating more fresh produce recently?

> Do you live in an area that is increasingly hot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should say thank you to your local refrigerated truck driver.

On-time deliveries and ‘as sent’ quality of products is something that we guarantee at Cannon Logistics. We understand that keeping these products in their required environment is crucial to ensure against damage and loss.

If you have items that need transportation, get in touch with the team at Cannon today to arrange your refrigerated transport! 

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