3 May

Why are Food Costs Rising in Australia?

This has been a challenging year for the transport industry so far, and issues like rising food costs are here to stay. 

Fresh and frozen foods have increased in price in the last few weeks due to ongoing impacts from the Queensland and New South Wales floods and the war in Ukraine. 

In some supermarkets, the prices of broccoli and other vegetables have increased by 75%. Red meat and chicken prices may also rise soon. 

Fruit and vegetable and meat prices are expected to remain high for the coming months.

So, what’s driving this inflation?

Flood Impacts

The recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales led to damaged crops, closed roads, delays for transport, and empty shelves at supermarkets. This led to increased food costs as a way for farmers and logistics companies to cope with the disaster. 

Rising Wheat and Corn Prices

The price of wheat has been rising as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. Global wheat prices soared by 19.7% during March and corn prices rose by 19%. This led to higher prices in stores, lower stock levels and uncertainty in the market. 

Increased Transport Costs

Rising fuel prices can also result in product inflation. We see this with the fluctuating price of fruits, vegetables and meat at supermarkets. Increasing the price of goods helps the transport company to cope with fuel prices and make ends meet. 

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