25 Feb

Brisbane’s Stormy Season

Last month’s weather has surely woken up local residents with learning how to take care of their property and what they can do with the family while its raining buckets. In this post, we share some tips on what you can do, how to stay safe during and after too.

Be Prepared

  • Check up and tidy your roof, gutters and downpipes
  • Find any loose objects in your yard and on your balcony, such as outdoor furniture and toys that will have to be put away or secured if a storm approaches
  • Take time to familiarise your household with the following tips and information when a storm strikes.
  • View the Flooding in Brisbane – A guide for residents (PDF – 3.54MB).

Get Ready

As a severe storm approaches, make sure you have your fully-charged mobile phone close by. Listen to a local Brisbane radio station for information and remember to disconnect all electrical appliances. Place your vehicles undercover or cover with tarpaulins or blankets/towels. Shelter and make sure your pets and animals are in a safe space.

Find Shelter

Stay inside and keep away from windows. Remain in the strongest part of the house, which is usually the bathroom or cellar. If you are outdoors, find emergency shelter and do not sit and wait under trees.

You should:

  • listen to your radio for storm updates (or if you have your phone on the internet you can check that too)
  • if driving, stop clear of any fallen trees, undone power lines and flowing creeks
  • avoid using the telephone during the storm.


After the storm has passed, listen on your radio for official warnings and advice. If you need emergency assistance, phone:

  • 000 (triple zero) 
  • the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 – they also offer temporary roof repairs or sandbagging.

If you don’t need help, check if your neighbours do.

It’s important after a storm to:

  • check your house for damage
  • stay away from fallen powerlines. Report all fallen powerlines to Energex.
  • beware of damaged buildings and trees
  • be available to help neighbours if required.

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