29 Jun

Concert Logistics

The biggest band on the radio now is about to perform in a venue near you. In this post, we talk a little about what goes into concert logistics – transporting stage and sound equipment.

Setting the stage

Stages and sets for tours can come in all sorts of forms and shape. Most collapsible, they are usually designed to be re-assembled in a matter of a few hours, and taken down in less time than even that. While some of a stages requirements can be obtained locally, a lot of the time things must be transported interstate or even from overseas.

Lights, camera, action!

Engaging specialists that will take care of sound and lighting for stage productions of course will be key. Planners need to be aware of a venue’s space, how many people will be attending, what kind of functionality will they need – will speech also be featured or only music? But also transporting these requirements such as speakers, amplifier, musical equipment, microphones, audio control stations etc is also a big part in setting up a concert stage.

Taking care of your crew

Logistics for getting your concert stages delivered safely to be unpacked and repacked plays a huge role in any performance. There will also be huge teams behind this, organising these events. What can make this particularly challenging, is when these events are held in remote areas. At Cannon Logistics, we provide services to many areas throughout Queensland and we specialise in refrigerated and general food freight. If you are looking for a logistics company to help move large quantities of food and other goods, Cannon Logistics can help.

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