9 Aug

How to Prolong the Life of Your Perishable Goods

As we head towards spring and the weather starts to warm up, it’s important to know how to prolong the life of your perishable goods. 

Issues like mould, bacteria and staleness can affect the quality of your goods and the health of your consumers. There’s a few simple steps to follow to ensure your perishable goods arrive in the best condition, no matter the season. 

Keep Perishable Goods Sealed

When you open your goods for the first time, it’s important to seal them again quickly and prevent too much air getting in. This helps reduce risks of mould and staleness. 

For items that need to be kept cold like milk, keeping them sealed is important to reduce the chance of bacteria growing. 

Make Sure They’re Airtight

Keeping your products in airtight containers is another great way to keep them fresh and prolong their shelf life. If perishables like biscuits aren’t kept in airtight containers, they can go off before the best before date. 

Use the Freezer

For perishables like meat, storing them in the freezer can give them a much longer shelf life. Freezing slows down the ageing process of perishables and reduces the chance of bacteria. 

In hot weather, be careful when thawing out frozen meat to room temperature, as this can cause bacteria to grow. The best option is to thaw in the fridge first. 

Take Note of ‘Use By’ and ‘Best Before’

For your perishable goods, it is worth knowing the difference between best before and use by. 

Best before means the product will be in its best condition before the date, but can be consumed after. Use by means the product must be consumed before the date, or it can lead to food poisoning and sickness. 

The best way to protect your goods and to prolong their life is to make sure they are transported in the right conditions. At Cannon Logistics, we have a modern fleet of prime movers and trailers which are enhanced by the latest in temperature humidity control technology.

Talk to our experienced team for efficient logistics solutions for your business today. 

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