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Our services: Cold and dry storage

At Cannon Logistics, we provide our services throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Along with providing exceptional general and refrigerated road freight services, we believe in going the extra step to ensure we have our clients’ can rest assured that their goods are being taken care of. That’s why, upon arrangement, we provide cold and dry storage solutions at our Brisbane-based depot.

Cold & Dry storage

The simple reality is that some goods / foodstuff require very specific temperatures and climatic conditions to stay in top condition. The likes of meat and dairy must be kept at specific temperatures so that they don’t spoil, typically a subzero temperature, whereas other goods are fine to be stored at room temperature.

With our Brisbane depot, we have areas that cater both to cold storage for those more sensitive products that need to be maintained at specific, cool temperatures; and dry storage for those that can be kept at room temperature. Much like our fleet of general and refrigerated trucks, we believe maintaining goods is imperative at every step of the logistics cycle.

Our clients’ peace of mind is paramount, which is one of the defining reasons why we offer cold/dry storage solutions. So if you contact us for an order and would like to take advantage of our cold/dry storage, don’t hesitate to let us know. After all, what matters to us is bringing your freight order to you in the best condition. Our storage options plays an integral role in achieving this.

If you have any questions regarding our cold and dry storage, road freight services, areas where service, or anything else regarding our business and how we can help you, do not hesitate to call us on (07) 3396 1911.

At Cannon Logistics, ‘we create efficient logistics solutions’.

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