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How Much Will It Cost To Have My Goods Transported?

Freight charges are key costs for almost all businesses. But with so many factors involved in transporting goods, pricing can be uncertain.

In this article, we’ll explore the costs to have goods transported and show you a great resource for calculating pricing.

Understanding what influences the cost of transporting goods means you can take steps to reduce those costs.

Moving your goods from A to B is determined by these main factors:

  • Mode of transport
  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Pickup and delivery points
  • Type of goods 
  • Customer loyalty

The main thing to remember is, the more transported, the cheaper the costs. 

Because so many variables impact pricing, it’s difficult and often unwise for transport companies to offer freight solutions using a one size fits all mentality on pricing.

Quality freight companies like Cannon Logistics are experts in the industry and make it easier and cheaper for individuals and businesses to organise their transport needs.

Cannon is a Brisbane based company and offers an online Pricing Guide Calculator. It’s a simple way to determine approximate costs per pallet. Simply enter a destination point and the pallet price and delivery days are displayed. As shown in the image below.

Source: Cannon Logistic Pricing Guide

Every day large trucks transport freight all around Australia and your smaller quantity of goods may be added to a scheduled truck route. This is more economical for you and the company.

You’ll find freight pricing calculators on many transport company websites. These are great to get an idea of costs, but for exact quotes on specific work you’ll need to contact the company.

The cost of transporting your goods is determined by many factors including weight, category, distance and size. By knowing these factors you can make decisions about packing and scheduling to save money and negotiate better rates.

Next time you need to transport products, look to the experts at Cannon Logistics, we’re happy to clarify pricing and work out a freight solution to suit your specific needs. Contact us now. 

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