24 Aug

How to Lower Uncertainty when Transporting Goods

Transporting goods is a complex process that requires smooth coordination between all aspects of the supply chain to avoid issues like uncertainty. 

Uncertainty can happen at any stage of the transport journey, due to unpredictable changes in competition, supply and demand, disruptions, shortages, and timeframes. 

With the right strategy, you can reduce uncertainty for your transport business and provide a more reliable service for your customers. Read this blog to find out how.

Accurate Forecasting of Demand

The first step to reducing supply chain uncertainty is to have a more accurate forecast of demand. With the right software, businesses can look at specific factors that influence the demand for their products and plan for a range of outcomes. They can look into current behaviours and trends and track changes for a clearer picture. 

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory accurately is also important to reduce uncertainty for your transport business. Being able to avoid shortages and overages begins with a smarter inventory strategy. Planning for what-if scenarios like changes in lead times, supplier constraints and ordering frequencies can help you have a sustainable level of stock. This also helps you to predict the cost of increasing or reducing your stock. 

Visibility of Supply

Smarter supply chain planning allows you to work with suppliers to increase visibility. This allows for long-term planning alongside shorter-term decisions, making your plans more reliable. Having a more accurate idea of supply will help you to reduce uncertainty for your business. 

Looking For a Reliable Transport Company?

The best way to lower uncertainty and ensure that your goods get delivered on time is to work with a reliable transport company. 

At Cannon Logistics, we have 25 years of experience in specialised refrigerated transport and warehousing. 

Our modern fleet of prime movers and trailers comes with the latest in temperature humidity control technology. We can ensure your products always arrive in optimal condition.

Talk to our friendly team about all your refrigerated transport needs today! 

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