• 26 Oct

    10 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

    At Cannon Logistics, we’re always looking out for interesting facts about food and how to refrigerate or freeze it properly.  Freezing foods is so handy, it helps food last longer so we can make the most out of it.  As a Brisbane-based logistics and road freight company, specialising in refrigerated transport, we know refrigerated produce […]

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  • 22 Oct

    Refrigerated Transport – 5 Best Practices

    Here at Cannon Logistics, we pride ourselves with knowing and following the best practices when it comes to refrigerated logistics. At the core of the food industry, are standards for food safety and the safe transportation of food.  And in this article, we discuss 5 best practices in refrigerated transport. 1. Maintain Precise Temperature Control […]

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  • 15 Oct

    How To Plan A Holiday In Emerald, Queensland

    From the scenic journey on the Spirit of the Outback train, you’ll walk out of Emerald’s heritage-listed railway station to find there are plenty of things to do and see, as well as great places to stay and eat. You just have to know where to look.

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  • 8 Oct

    What Temperature Ranges Are Required For Frozen And Chilled Products

    Knowing the correct temperature range to store your frozen and chilled products is important for a couple of reasons.

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  • 25 Sep

    How To Store Food After Shopping

    How to store food after The way we store food matters, our lives depend on it… Luckily, we can trust the food we buy in Australia has been produced, stored and transported safely. This trust comes from knowing certain checks and balances are in place to ensure public health. But how food is stored after […]

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  • 18 Sep

    How Has Covid-19 Affected General Road Freight In Australia?

    Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, general road freight has been considered an essential service, but it’s not been immune to it’s affects…  Amid business closures, ever-changing restrictions, and permit requirements, the industry has continued to operate through varying levels of lockdown across Australia. It’s worked under laws restricting people’s movements and seen the forced closure of […]

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  • 11 Sep

    How Much Will It Cost To Have My Goods Transported?

    Freight charges are key costs for almost all businesses. But with so many factors involved in transporting goods, pricing can be uncertain. In this article, we’ll explore the costs to have goods transported and show you a great resource for calculating pricing. Understanding what influences the cost of transporting goods means you can take steps […]

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  • 4 Sep

    What’s New In Queensland’s Produce Industry

    If you’re worried about the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in Queensland due to the Coronavirus pandemic, don’t be. Queensland is blessed with a variety of growing climates and regions, so every day there’s something being harvested. And thanks to our refrigerated transport logistics and road freight industries all Australians can enjoy fresh produce […]

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  • 28 Aug

    The Biggest Advantages Of Refrigerated Transport

    Getting fresh products from farm to market requires the assistance of refrigerated transport interstate services to maintain the quality of your goods. Cannon Logistics offers you temperature-controlled vehicles that keep your products fresh and on schedule. Our cold storage solutions extend additional options for packaging and shipping to multiple locations. Your products seamlessly move from […]

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  • 18 Aug

    3 Important Factors For Transporting Meat

    Food poisoning can cause serious illness and even death. And contaminated meat is often the culprit. So knowing how to safely transport it is very important. When transporting meat, the objective is to get it from A to B in ‘as sent’ condition; free from contamination and totally safe for consumption. According to DoFoodSafely, food […]

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